Exploring The Best Top 10 News Channels in Pakistan 2023

Top 10 News Channels in Pakistan provides diverse content, including breaking news, politics, and entertainment, accessible via both television and online platforms.

News Channels in Pakistan

Pakistan boasts a vibrant news media landscape, offering a diverse array of news channels catering to various audiences. Below is a compilation of the top 10 news channel in Pakistan, selected based on their popularity and extensive reach:

  1. Bol News
  2. ARY News
  3. GEO News
  4. Samaa TV
  5. 92 News
  6. Dunya News
  7. City 42
  8. Hum News
  9. GNN News
  10. Neo News

These news channels offer a wide spectrum of content, encompassing breaking news, current affairs, talk shows, and entertainment news. They are accessible via cable and satellite television as well as online platforms.

GEO News

Geo News holds the top position among news channel in Pakistan, celebrated for its extensive reporting on local and global news, spanning politics, business, sports, and entertainment. Its reliability in delivering breaking news and commitment to transparency has solidified its unique standing in electronic media, making it one of Pakistan’s most-watched news channels.

ARY News

ARY News stands as a prominent Pakistani news channel, offering round-the-clock coverage of national and global news. Renowned for its thorough and impartial reporting, it enjoys high popularity in Pakistan and boasts a substantial social media following.

BOL News

BOL News, a Pakistani news channel, is famed for its breaking news, political discussions, and talk shows. It enjoys significant popularity both domestically and internationally, thanks to its impartial reporting and its readiness to question government actions.

Samaa TV

SAMA News, a prominent news channel in Pakistan, offers continuous coverage of national and global news. Renowned for its impartial reporting and profound analysis, it’s also a favored source for entertainment, sports, and talk shows.

92 News

92 News, a prominent Pakistani news channel, is celebrated for its breaking news and political talk shows. It enjoys extensive viewership both domestically and internationally. Known for its fearless journalism, it questions the establishment and covers sensitive topics, including human rights abuses and corruption. However, it has faced criticism for perceived bias and sensationalized reporting.

Dunya News

Dunya News ranks among Pakistan’s most favored news channels, celebrated for its extensive current affairs coverage and dedication to breaking news. Hosting popular talk shows like “Hasb-e-Haal” and “Mazaaq Raat,” it serves as a trusted information source, wielding significant influence in shaping public opinion.

City 42 News

City 42 News, a leading Pakistani news channel, specializes in local, national, and international news, with a particular emphasis on Lahore. Renowned for its swiftness and precision, City 42 News presents a range of programs in both Urdu and English, spanning current affairs, general infotainment, and live streaming.

As a part of the City News Network, City 42 News is unwavering in its commitment to providing high-quality content that educates, entertains, and motivates. Backed by a proficient team of journalists and analysts, City 42 News has established itself as a reliable source of news and information for the Pakistani audience.

Hum News

Hum News stands as one of Pakistan’s prominent 24-hour Urdu news channels, celebrated for its thorough reporting of contemporary events, profound analysis, and informative programs. With branches in major cities and a network of correspondents nationwide, Hum News delivers viewers timely and precise news coverage spanning all of Pakistan.

GNN News

GNN News is a prominent 24-hour Pakistani news and current affairs channel, acclaimed for its trustworthiness and credibility. With an extensive network of reporting teams and cutting-edge technology, GNN ensures diversified information dissemination. The channel features an array of programs, from news bulletins to talk shows and documentaries, covering a broad spectrum of topics, including politics, business, sports, and entertainment. GNN stands as one of Pakistan’s most popular news channels, celebrated for its impartial and independent reporting.

Neo News

Neo News, established in 2022, is a Pakistani channel focusing on news and current affairs. Dedicated to delivering extensive, impartial news coverage from Pakistan and worldwide, it serves as a platform for diverse perspectives. Renowned for in-depth political and social analysis, it excels in breaking news reporting. Neo News is also a favored platform for live discussions and interviews with influential figures.


These channels represent just a fraction of the diverse news offerings available in Pakistan. With such a wide range of options, viewers can easily find a news channel that aligns with their specific preferences and interests.

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