Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in Pakistan

Discover the best Top 10 online shopping Sites in Pakistan! From tech to fashion, explore top platforms for variety, convenience, and great prices. Shop smart today!

In recent years, Pakistan’s e-commerce landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation, fueled by the surge in internet usage, widespread adoption of smartphones, and the expanding middle-class population. Online shopping, with its array of options, convenience, and competitive pricing, has become an increasingly popular choice for consumers in Pakistan.

Online Shopping Sites
Online Shopping Sites

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List of Top 10 Online Shopping  Sites In Pakistan

  • Daraz
  • AliExpress
  • Ishopping
  • Shopive
  • Telemart
  • AliExpress.Ltd

Let’s delve into the top 10 online shopping Platforms in Pakistan:

01. Daraz

Undisputedly the largest e-commerce platform in Pakistan, Daraz offers an extensive array of products spanning electronics, fashion, home appliances, and beauty products. Renowned for its frequent deals and discounts, Daraz is a go-to destination for savvy shoppers looking for bargains.

02. AliExpress

Hailing from China, AliExpress stands tall as a giant in e-commerce, providing Pakistani shoppers with a vast selection of products at competitive prices. Electronics, apparel, and accessories enthusiasts find AliExpress to be a compelling option.

03. iShopping

A leading player in Pakistan’s e-commerce scene, iShopping caters to diverse needs, offering a range of products from electronics and fashion to home appliances and groceries. iShopping is distinguished by its dependable delivery services and customer-centric approach.

04. Shophive

Emerging as a notable player, Shophive has gained popularity for its emphasis on local brands and businesses. Shophive offers a unique shopping experience, showcasing Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage and artisanal products.


A veteran in the e-commerce arena, is recognized for its extensive selection of home appliances, electronics, and kitchenware. With convenient payment options and easy returns, it remains a trusted choice for online shoppers.

06. Telemart

Well-established and revered, Telemart specializes in electronics and gadgets. Boasting competitive prices and technical expertise, Telemart is a preferred destination for those seeking the latest in technology.

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Despite being relatively new, has swiftly gained popularity, particularly for its focus on health and wellness products. The platform offers a diverse range of organic and natural products, as well as pharmaceuticals.


Known for its swift delivery services, has earned its place among the top e-commerce platforms in Pakistan. It provides a broad spectrum of products, including electronics, fashion, and home appliances.


A well-known name in Pakistani e-commerce, specializes in women’s fashion. Offering a wide range of designer and traditional clothing, as well as accessories and beauty products, caters to the fashion-forward.

10. AliExpress.Ltd

The official AliExpress store in Pakistan, AliExpress.Ltd mirrors the vast selection and competitive prices of its parent platform. With localized services and customer support, AliExpress.Ltd ensures a seamless experience for Pakistani shoppers.

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These top 10 online shopping Sites in Pakistam address a diverse range of consumer preferences, providing unmatched convenience, variety, and competitive prices. As Pakistan’s e-commerce sector continues to flourish, these platforms are poised to play an increasingly significant role in the lives of Pakistani consumers.

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