TOP 10 Political Podcasts

With the help of media or through different podcasts we explore about different personalities. In the recent article we explore ideas about podcasts, what are the top 10 political podcasts, most listened podcasts, the liberal and conservative podcasts and top political podcasts spotify at Top 10 Question. In order to explore the famous podcast and most listened podcasts by the people, it is important to understand the meaning of ‘political podcast’ Political Podcasts are podcasts that focus on politics and current events.

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TOP 10 Political Podcasts

What is Political Podcast?

Most political podcasts maintain ties to existing media, such as newspapers or magazines. They are generally inexpensive to produce and require little computer skills to operate. Its target audience consists mostly of people interested in the current job, and the working time usually varies between half an hour and an hour. Given their origins as a form of entertainment, podcasts have become a powerful force in the media industry. Podcast genres from true crime to comedy and of course politics. In the realm of politics, podcasts are starting to gain traction as a unique platform that allows for deeper communication. They provide a platform for politicians. They provide a platform for political enthusiasts, journalists and experts to discuss politics, views and politics in depth like no other. Making it a platform for those looking for important content. Candidates, politicians, and advocacy groups are realizing the power of media’s potential and are quickly embracing it. From grassroots campaigns to high-profile politicians, podcasts are being used to reach voters in a more intimate and engaging way.

During the last few election cycles, podcasts have played an important role in informing voters, creating public dialogue, and even campaigning. They have proven to be a great tool for candidates to convey their ideas, policy ideas, and personalities directly to a broader audience; we see this trend. More and more people are turning to podcasts for political information. The impact of Rise Politics podcasts is undeniable and their impact on politics is huge. From being a source of entertainment, they have transformed into an important platform for political participation and today they have proven to be an important tool in all political processes.

Let’s dive into the most listened political podcasts on the Top 10 Question! Explore the most listened-to shows that are shaping the conversation in a dynamic way.

Most listened Political podcasts

Here is the list of most listened political podcasts by people:

  1. Left, Right and Center.
  2. The Argument
  3. How to Citizen
  4. The NPR Politics Podcast
  5. Stay Tuned with Preet
  6. Self –Evident
  7. In the Thick
  8. Through line
  9. The Road to Now
  10. The United States of Anxiety

Let’s Explore More About most listened political podcasts!

Left, Right & Center

Left, Right & Center

If you’re looking for the most listened political podcast with a variety of views, KCRW’s ‘Left, Right and Center’ is a great place to start. Insider columnist and host Josh Barro has positioned himself as “central” voice.

He walked the streets of politics throughout his life and criticized both parties. In each episode, Barrow leads in depth discussions from subject matter experts representing both left and right on each issue. The weekly magazine describes itself as “an unapologetic public campaigner on politics, policy and culture” and it sounds happy. Welcome to the only antidote to the political views that exist in the news media.

The Argument

The Argument

The other most listened political podcast that explores a variety of points of view and boasts “robust opinion” & “open debate.” Although produced by the left leaning New York Times, this week’s podcast explores the arguments for and against each topic it covers.

The show launched in 2018 with several hosts representing the right, left and center, & in November 2020, it announced a new host: Jane Coaston. Coston is an independent American columnist who brings together guests from across the political spectrum to discuss topics such as the founding of Washington, policing in America, and nuclear energy.

How to Citizen?

How to Citizen?

Baratunde Thurston is a bestselling author and Emmy-nominated host with a knack for providing space for complex and unconventional conversations.  It is also another famous and the most listened political podcast and political news can leave us anxious and weak, but How Baratunde Became a Citizen does the opposite, giving us hope and giving us a list of good things we can do in each episode.

A warm and inclusive host, Thurston interprets “citizen” as a guide and seeks to rethink the community’s connection to the show’s guests and listeners. It challenges us all to take responsibility for improving our communities and the world, and provides resources for reflection, learning more and engagement.

NPR Politics

NPR Politics

If you want to stay up to date on current events, National Public Radio has a roundup of political news every weekday. Episodes range from 15 to 30 minutes in length, making them perfect for listening on short trips or while cooking.

Mainstream politics is hard to come by, but the NPR is one of the most listened Politics Podcast that does a great job of connecting listeners with thoughts and opinions. In fact, NPR News ranks in the middle on the All Sides media bias chart.

Stay Tuned With Preet

Stay Tuned With Preet

For listeners who are interested in the legal aspects of social media, CAFE’s ‘Stay Tuned with Preet’s tackles topics with special guest and host Preet Bharara. Bharara practiced as a U.S. attorney from 2009 to 2017 and later became a lecturer at New York University School of Law.

His years of experience and ability to convey legal concepts in an easy-to-understand manner make the political podcast both stimulating and entertaining. At the beginning of each episode, Bharara answers legitimate questions from listeners and then discusses the news with special guests which made this show the most listened political podcast. Recent episodes include discussions about the Supreme Court and the Department of Justice and comprehensive coverage of the Derek Chauvin trial.

Self –Evident

Self –Evident

Every episode of “Self-evident” which focuses on politics, but an anti-Asian hate crimes continue, it’s especially important for us to better understand the issues. Meet Asian Americans. Personal Evidence, hosted by James Beard award-winning author Cathy Erway, tells the story of the unknown.

As stated the diversity of African Americans, including “South Asians, Southeast Asians, East Asians, Central Asians, and various other communities.” This is also considered in the most listened podcasts “Whose American Dream?” It tries to explore questions such as. And “Whose story is really being told?” Two episodes that are particularly worth watching are “Exposing Epidemic Racism” and “Hate Spreads.” These other Asian American podcasts are also worth a listen.

In the Thick

In the Thick

The Thick describes itself as “a podcast about politics, race, and culture from a POC perspective” Even though race is one of America’s hottest topics, few people are willing or able to explore it.

In the Thick surpasses many other political podcasts with its extraordinary guests. The show is organized by Maria Hinojosa and Julio Ricardo Varela. Hinojosa also serves as host and director of “Latino USA” (Peabody Award winner) and the PBS television program “America by the Numbers.” Varela is the General Manager of Futuro Media. This year, many topics included Biden’s 100 days in office, the history of civil rights and vaccine justice.

Through Line

Through Line

Every subject has a history,” Through line says in its description. Like all current events and stories, it can be better understood when you delve into its history, and ‘Through line’ provides this. This week’s one hour podcast is hosted by Rund Abdelfatah and Ramtin Arablouei, both journalists and NPR producers.

Research allows the viewer to better understand the topic in its historical context, making often opaque content useful. Recent topics include the plight of the Uyghur people in China, the Armenian Genocide and its aftermath, and an overview of the work of James Baldwin. If you were interested in this book, you may also want to read these books to learn more about American race.

The Road to Now

The Road to Now

Another podcast exploring historical themes, “Road to the Present” is hosted by Benjamin Sawyer professor of history at Middle Tennessee State University, and the Avett Brothers. Bob Crawford, one of Brother’s founding members, is handling it. The tone of The Way Now is more relaxed and conversational than most political podcasts.

Both hosts often invite friends to join the show, such as historian Louis Woods, also of MTSU, and cellist Joe Kwon of the Avett Brothers. Other guests include politicians, journalists, and artists who engage in political debates exploring various aspects and timing of voting rights, the financial bubble, the military, and more.

The United States of Anxiety

The United States of Anxiety

This is another podcast that uses the past to help us understand current events and look to the future troubled America airs every Sunday night on WNYC.

This podcast is a slightly modified version of the live show and takes less than an hour to air. Host Kai Wright is also a member of WNYC’s “Indivisible,” a radio call series that aired during Trump’s 1st 100 days in office and was designed to ‘invite Americans to come together across the divide’

Hope these Most listened Political podcasts added value! Any more questions or need further assistance? We’re here to enhance your podcast experience—just ask away!

Get ready for an insightful journey into the Top 10 Political podcasts as we unveil the Top 10 Question – spotlighting the most compelling and influential political podcasts!

Top 10 Political podcasts

There will be a variety of political podcasts in 2024, each offering unique insights, views, conclusions and there are top 10 political podcasts you should try listening to.

  1. The Rachel Maddow Show
  2. PodSave America
  3. The Daily
  4. The NPR Politics Podcast
  5. Fast Politics with Molly Jong-Fast
  6. Left, Right & Center
  7. Five Thirty Eight Politics
  8. Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar
  9. The President’s Daily Brief
  10. Democracy Now! Audio

The Rachel Maddow Show

   Host: Rachel Maddow.

The Rachel Maddow Show, hosted by MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, offers analysis of American politics. This podcast breaks down the January 6th hearing and provides additional information and detailed information explaining what actually happened during the January 6th protest at the US Capitol.

 Why it’s worth listening to: This podcast analyzes current events and provides listeners with the latest news and legal advice.

PodSave America

   Hosts: Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vito.

 PodSave America, about political struggle, hosted by four former aides to US President Barack Obama, the podcast offers a unique inside look at political events and analysis of the latest news. As if that wasn’t enough, the program regularly hosts special guests, including famous journalists, politicians and activists.

The Daily

   Hosts: Michael Barbaro and Sabrina Tavernise.

The Daily Podcast releases a 20-minute episode each week and is your one-stop source for the latest news. The podcast clearly and concisely covers stories from around the world, providing new insights to help listeners understand current events and their significance to the state of the world.

Why it’s worth a listen: This podcast is a casual game and the definitive source for the latest international news.

The NPR Politics Podcast

The NPR Politics Podcast delivers a discussion of the latest news happening in Washington and the American political race. The podcast deals with political disasters and information that goes beyond the facts to provide narratives with facts often missing from mainstream media.

Why it’s worth listening to: This show breaks down the latest news on US politics so listeners can get a clear understanding of current events.

Fast Politics with Molly Jong-Fast

Presenter: Molly Jong-Fast

Molly Jong Fast’s Fast Politics aims to convey political news theatrically and directly to the point. This political podcast asks real questions and gets real answers while breaking down difficult political topics and making them clear and understandable. Three times a week, author and host Molly shares a new episode where she discusses politics with the world’s political thought leaders.

Why it’s worth a listen: This show simplifies political issues and answers questions no one is asking.

Left, Right & Center

Host: David Green

The Left, Right and Center podcast is a place for political discussion featuring a variety of perspectives. The podcast discusses major events from elections to hearings and features voices of voters on the left, right, and center. This allows for a detailed discussion with more room for discussion.

Why it’s worth a listen: This podcast is diverse and offers honest debate and leadership from cross-party perspectives.

Five Thirty Eight Politics

Host: Nate Silver

Five thirty Eight Politics Podcast covers game-changing topics, breaking news and is the best source of political information. The series discusses hot topics in American politics, including elections, lawsuits and the media. Regular announcements keep listeners informed of what’s new.

Why it’s worth listening to: The program is very interesting and always updated with the latest news from American politics.

Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Hosts: Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti.

Breaking Point with Krystal and Saagar is a fearless podcast with a lot to say! Popular for questioning political power and major events, the podcast takes an anti-establishment approach. Each episode analyzes the latest news happening around the world and asks questions you won’t hear anywhere else.

Why it’s worth a listen: This podcast has a unique perspective that questions political narratives.

The President’s Daily Brief

Host: Brian Dean Wright

Hosted by CIA director Brian Dean Wright, the President’s Daily Briefing covers the topics most important to the United States. The podcast discusses important political issues that affect Americans every day and offers a special version of the President’s daily message to the listening public.

Why it’s worth a listen: This podcast features former CIA employees’ opinions on the latest and greatest political issues affecting the United States.

Democracy Now! Audio

Host: Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez

Freedom Now! The Voice Podcast is an independent daily project designed to provide in-depth discussion and reporting alongside international news. With no advertising or government funding, it focuses on the latest news and policies affecting audiences in the United States and around the world.

Why it’s worth a listen: This podcast is completely free and provides an honest way to comment.

Hope these Top 10 Political podcasts added value! Any more questions or need further assistance? We’re here to enhance your podcast experience—just ask away!

Dive into the vibrant world of Liberal Podcasts on the Top 10 Question! Uncover compelling discussions and dynamic perspectives that redefine the podcasting experience.

Liberal Podcasts

The best liberal political podcasts from thousands on the web, including traffic, social media, and news.

  1. Irenicast – A Progressive Christian Podcast
  2. Urban Underachiever Radio Show
  3. Honest & Unfiltered
  4. The Art of Curiosity, Larry Swetman
  5. I’m Just Sayin
  6. The Derek Izzi Show
  7. How to Resist
  8. Light Treason News
  9. Not Safe for Weebs: Fandom and Politics from a Salty Japanese-American
  10. Ruthless Politics, Kid Chronic & Treez

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Irenicast – A Progressive Christian Podcast

It is one of the famous liberal political podcasts. Rethink and rethink about your faith? This is important. That you are not alone in this world. Please join us on the first and third Tuesday of each month to focus on questions, concerns, and curiosities. Hosts Bonnie, Kathy, Jeff and Rajiv encourage spiritual travelers to have great conversations. Especially if you grew up in the Evangelical or Christian faith, you are Irene.

Urban Underachiever Radio Show

• 21 episodes

• Average length is 33 minutes

• It Ended 13 years ago

• Writer Brandon Walker has left the weekly interview with musician Stephanie Casey and guest Brent Dawson. Every week, employees raise new issues, completely rejecting the collective.

Honest & Unfiltered

• 35 chapters

• Average length 63 m

• Test chapter of this show is 3 months ago.

Three women from the Eastern, Central and Western United States want to bring understanding, insight and growth to others. Daily life, political change and our hopes for the future. We hope to bring community, love, and understanding to others who may be feeling alone or overwhelmed during these challenging times.

The Art of Curiosity w/ Larry Swetman

• 20 Sections

• Average Length 61 m

• Test Section 4 years ago

News: New POD Released! Chapter 23 of Faith in the Law is now available!

I’m Just Sayin

• Average length 54m

• New song released 12 years ago

Beth and Sean Campbell are the same Jane and Joe living in a dream in Michigan (sarcasm). (This is America’s high five shaped like a heart). By day, Beth is an IT manager who dreams of  one day having a lady in the White House with an in-ground swimming pool in her backyard. Sean worked as an Executive Director where he had plenty of time to hone his skills and appreciate life as an independent director. Beth and Sean first imposed their views on the unsuspecting public in 2010 with The Go Dark Podcast, which focused on their hobby of paranormal investigation. Despite their experience, they are not trained podcast professionals and do not claim to be experts on the topics they talk about. In fact, sometimes they know very little about their education. They are just an ordinary couple who love to have a good conversation and argue about any topic.

The Derek Izzi Show

• 21 episodes

• Average length 21 minutes

• Step 10 days age

• New step 2019-2020.

• New events in our history are real. Combine this with Derek’s sense of humor and unique insight into people, and you have a show!

How to Resist

• Average length 40 m

• Last episode 6 years ago.

 ‘How to resist’ is the famous liberal political Podcast which talk about how anyone can become an activist and lead the way against Trump. It has an impact on governments and communities, workplaces and countries. Each week we sit down with an activist who tells us how they came to power and how they protest the injustices they see in their communities and around Donald Trump’s administration.

Light Treason News

• 160 episodes.

• Average length 65 m

• Test Section 4 days ago

• Popular culture, politics and rebellion

Not Safe for Weebs: Fandom and Politics from a Salty Japanese-American

• Average length 43m

• Test Episode 5 years ago

If you’re an alcoholic, you’ll feel flushed or something while listening to this podcast; this is where name comes from. This is often a great introduction to important topics of fandom and politics and their intersections. If you have any questions or comments please let me know!

Ruthless Politics w/ Kid Chronic & Treez

• 4 sections

• Average length 58m

• Test Section 3 years ago

Listen to the political debate between the “Don’t Trump” Kid Chronic and the “bearded Jewish MAGA man” Treez. Expect to hear about news, politics, current events, technology, memes, and other things we may not agree with.

Hope these Liberal Podcasts added value! Any more questions or need further assistance? We’re here to enhance your podcast experience—just ask away!

Unveiling the Power of Conservative Podcasts: Join the excitement at the Top 10 Question as we delve into captivating discussions and thought-provoking insights!

Conservative Podcasts

In this article, we will review various media monitoring podcasts and introduce some of the most profitable monitoring podcasts in the industry. What makes podcasts stand out is not just their content, but the way they present news and ideas. From commentators to rising stars from the archives, these top podcasts offer insightful, thoughtful and often entertaining views on today’s issues. Whether you’re looking for in-depth analysis, an overview of global events, or just daily news coverage, this list has something for you. What makes podcasts stand out is not just their content, but the way they present news and ideas. From commentators to rising stars from the archives, these top podcasts offer insightful, thoughtful, and often entertaining views on today’s issues.

Best Conservative Podcasters:

  • The Ben Shapiro Show
  • Glenn (Previously The Glenn Beck Program)
  • The Mark Levin Show
  • The Michael Knowles Show
  • The Charlie Kirk Show
  • Louder With Crowder
  • The Federalist Radio Hour
  • The Rubin Report
  • The Hugh Hewitt Show

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Dive into the dynamic world of Top political podcasts on Spotify with the Top 10 Question! Uncover compelling insights and diverse perspectives in this podcasting adventure.

Top political podcasts on spotify

Spotify has long been known for music, but in recent years it has invested in its podcast library and now hosts some of the best podcasts on the market. The streaming service is known for its star-power Spotify Original podcasts, including the 2021 show featuring President Barack Obama and rock legend Bruce Springsteen Renegades: Born in the USA and the Michelle Obama podcast from years ago.

  1. Comedy Bang Bang.
  2. Song Exploder
  3. In the Studio

Comedy Bang Bang

Comedy Bang Bang

The show is the fastest way to add energy and fun to your week and one of the best conservative political podcast Host and comedian Scott Aukrman even poked fun at the end. One of the longest-running and most popular comedy podcasts, Comedy Bang has its own world of characters and jokes available in episodes and years.

The show brings together acting masters each week in free-flowing, freewheeling format. Each episode lasts approximately 90 minutes and features interviews with celebrities followed by guests who can make and play games. Regulars include Jason Mantzoukas, Lauren Lapkus, Nick Kroll, Ego Nwodim, Reggie Watts and even the odd Al Yankovic.

Song Exploder

Song Exploder

In each 20 to 30-minute episode of Song Exploder, host Hrishikesh Hirway narrates each part of the song with the creator. The podcast gained popularity when it was released as a Netflix show in 2020, but it’s been around since 2014.

It’s still an interesting exercise in songwriting and production, and in some ways, it’s even more interesting than the TV version because the podcast allows you to focus on the entire audio experience. Eclectic selection of artists and songs, from Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas talking about her song I Want to Yo-Yo Ma sharing how he learned and played Johann Sebastian Bach.

In the Studio

World Service’s In the Studio is one of the best podcasts for creativity on Spotify, taking you straight into a creative zone for 30 minutes. Walk with a poet to capture music and add it to his work, visit a songwriter at work to see his vision come to life, or sit with a writer with a new appreciation on the front of the white paper.

No two creative processes are the same, and each chapter is a wonderful exploration of the process of making art. This podcast allows listeners to learn about many different creative practices and offers ideas you can try adding to your daily routine. Having trouble starting or returning to your chosen creative work? These motivational podcasts can help you stay on track.

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